Enterprise architecture has been gaining popularity because of its obvious benefits to organizations

Have you heard of enterprise architects? If yes, then you have a general idea that they are the practitioners of enterprise architecture. Their main goal is to align the strategic vision and goals of a business with its information technology. Enterprise architects will try to find a way to connect the different business units in terms of communication and collaboration, to creating a better end-user experience.

Why the need for enterprise architects?

In today’s information technology and how it connects business and people, the role of enterprise architects can never be underestimated. His goals are always to think of a business strategy that is applicable for the present and shall also look forward to the many possibilities of the future.

Enterprise architects make plans and then standardize the technology, data and business processes. To be able to do these processes, he must have an overview in both the micro and macro level. A macro overview means that he has an understanding of the business strategy and uses this to create an architectural approach. At the same time, he must also have a micro overview, which translates knowledge on individual projects and a detailed guide that focuses on the successful implementation of the architectural approach.

The enterprise architect must know how to make the technological aspect understandable to the business people, thereby bridging the gap between business and information technology. He must also know what kind of technology is appropriate for a business strategy. An enterprise architect’s job is crucial and important and must never be underestimated.

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