Enterprise Architecture Planning: Its Purpose and Definition

Optimization is the key word if you would like to learn more about enterprise architecture. What this phrase refers to is the practice of defining the current state and the future goals or a particular organization, which includes the business processes used, the personnel and the business units. For the most part, it deals with combining the Information Technology processes into one solid, organized and efficient whole, although the limitations do not stop here.

Now, when it comes to enterprise architecture planning, there are basically four types of plans involved. The first type of enterprise architecture planning is the business processes plan. Here, the business strategies are clearly defined so that the personnel would have a feel of the company’s current status, as well as the direction that it is taking in the future.

The second type is the functional plan, which identifies the challenges which can be made while reaching the goal   and what can be done to avoid them. This type of plan may involve risk management and plan modification. The third type is called the technical plan, which can be described as the definition of the intricate details about a company’s IT structure. Finally, there is the applications plan which essentially describes the end result of enterprise architecture planning.

With these types of plans, the current and target state of a business establishment can be clearly defined, so that new processes can be developed to reach these goals, and lead the path to where you would like your company to be in the future.

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