Enterprise Document Management: Discussed by Sutton in a Book

Michael Sutton, former director of Standards and Certification Advisory, released a book entitled “Document Management for the Enterprise.” This book defines and clarifies the values of document management and engineering. In fact, it is claimed as the most recent and practical guide to both the management and engineering of enterprise document management systems.

Readers of this book said that Sutton is attempting to equip his readers with a set of established methods and techniques for conceptualizing, developing, and implementing automated systems for effective and fast storage and retrieval of forms and documents. Also, through the aid of several case studies he presented in the book, he was able to illustrate the common pitfalls and the best way to overcome these obstacles.

Essentially, Sutton’s Document Management for the Enterprise is said to contain the following constituents:   

•    Vividly illustrates targets and uses of document engineering and management.

•    Supplies professional evaluations of risks, benefits, and expenditures of generating an extensive enterprise for document management system.

•    Summarizes the framework for document management application and leveling out the life cycle of document engineering.

•    Determines accessible software products as well as illustrates and explains the technique for assessing their features and functions.

This book is certainly a good tool for the companies and even for the government agencies to computerize and update their business processes; also, for them to manage and access all types of contents and records to aid them in meeting their needs for compliance. Readers of this book said that Sutton brilliantly discussed everything that needs to be learned for a more intelligent, more rapid, and more practical decision.  

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