Enterprise SaaS: Venturing into the Big League

For many years enterprise saas or the adoption of software as service technology to enterprise-wide operations has been smirked at by IT experts and CEOs alike.  But advances in the development of software and improvement of delivery infrastructure have led many executives in taking a second look at saas as a useful tool for their businesses.

As a newly flourishing industry, software as a service was not taken seriously by large traditional corporations.  The most that they can give to saas are small redundant operations which are not vital company functions.  However, the success of many saas based companies created a buzz which industry leaders could not ignore.  The increasing functionality of saas applications has become evident as technology develops.

Saas companies specifically developed software that can be used by an enterprise.  This is good foresight on the part of saas companies in order to entice large enterprises to take the saas route.  Today, there are software service answering the need for such vital enterprise functions like inventory control and management, company financials, procurement and dispatch, and many more.  Saas companies have elevated their level of sophistication in deploying software that can be very useful for different enterprise.

Software as a service is a new technology innovation.  Its use in big corporations has just been starting.  But the potential of enterprise saas to deliver the necessary program for established corporation is already there.  It could be a matter of time only when even large organizations and big enterprises will adopt the technology offered by saas.

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