Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business Solution to Protect your Investment

In any type of business, physical security of the establishment and the employees should already be a given. Similarly, there is another aspect of your business organization where the utmost security should be applied, and this is data security. One of the best ways to ensure that the data which is being processed is secure is through enterprise security architecture. This basically involves the addition or application of comprehensive security solutions which applies to every aspect of the business. This includes the security of financial data used within the organization, the security of the network itself, the security of personnel information, and finally, the security of confidential information which serves as the foundation of the company’s core business processes.

Unlike the security processes and procedures implemented within a particular department only, enterprise security architecture involves the entire business organization. What is needed here is the participation of each and every individual who is handling some form of data within the organization. This way, the security will not be compromised. Similarly, enterprise security architecture does not end and begin with the installation of firewalls, antivirus software, anti-spyware or anti-spam programs on each computer unit in an organization.

With enterprise security architecture, there should be a framework built which will essentially define the security system of the organization as a whole. Once this framework has been designed, developed, analyzed and implemented, maintenance steps should then be taken proactively. This way, the security of the entire business architectural framework will be ensured.

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