Enterprise SOA

Enterprise service oriented architecture (SOA) is the term used to define the enterprise-wide software framework, which allows interactions between various IT systems and applications, which are based on different technological platforms. It is common knowledge that diverse processes work better on different technological platforms, and hence, it is not possible for businesses to follow a single technology. In most IT enabled enterprises, one can easily see numerous applications running at the same time, most of which are based on different platforms such as .NET or Java J2E. These applications cannot interact with each other because they are based on different platforms. However, these problems can easily be solved by implementing enterprise SOA, which is designed to be compatible with most types of software applications based on different platforms.

In the context of SOA, the term ‘enterprise’ refers to all types of business organizations that belong to the manufacturing sector or the services sector. The main aim is to improve interactions and communications between existing systems and technologies, which is applicable for both manufacturing companies and service providers. Enterprise SOA is also being implemented by online businesses. This is good news for enterprise SOA service providers, because the web-enabled services sector is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.

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