Entry level of Support help desk procdures

Anyone that is seeking for help should be heard and attended to. 
Be the how simple or complex the problem is, as the saying
goes that the customer is always right. 

Due to numerous calls and emails receive by those from the
support service staff, there was a need to break the type of
service support that each entry level is to provide to clients. 
The foregoing paragraphs are the level of entry that support
service consists of:

1.  First level entry – The personnel assigned does the initial
     talk to the client.  The help desk consultant tries to solve
     the problem immediately.  Consultant must be able to ask
     basic questions about the pc and its configuration, the
     error message and the specific event after the problem
     occurrence.  As the first level entry tried to solve the
     problem, but the client did not seem to be satisfied with
     the solutions offered by first level, the first level makes
     a referral to the second entry level.
2.  Second entry level. The personnel assigned are
     categorized as specialist.  They have the technical
     expertise particularly in troubleshooting support.  It also
      includes technicians that are knowledgeable to answer
     questions about hardware support and networks.
3.  Third Level entry.   The personnel assigned at this level
     handles incidents which are not solved at the second
     level.  A special analysis and programming review of
     system applications would have to be carefully
     reviewed and might take time for customer to get a
     reply as expected. 

In all levels of entry support service, the customers
inform and updated thru phone or email   These procedures
are observed to avoid piling up of issues unsettled. 
This procedure also intends to classify the easy, not so
easy and difficult issues as received and settled.

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