ERP: Powering Up the Human Resource Process

The Human Resources plays a vital role in any company since it is responsible for the acquisition of new employees and maintaining the headcount of the company to ensure that there is enough people to do the different functions. This also means hiring people that are right for the jobs. The employees are considered the customers of the human resources.

The sheer volume and nature of information in a usual corporate human resources department must align well with the use or ERP system. Many human resources are now opting for an ERP that enables employees to have access to some vital information like their benefits and recruitment.

Lets take a look at an example. A company can have an internal web based human resources applications that enables an employee to modify his log modifications, apply for leaves, check his benefits, request for Certificate of Employment, or file for a complaint.

Gone where the days when an employee has to wait for a Human Resource person to attend to him. A good Human Resource ERP can benefit not only the Human Resource because of the lighter work load, but for the employee who can now do things simply.

The Human Resources can also save a lot in terms of training if this is included as a function in an ERP system. For example, company policies on technical devices can be included and can serve as a knowledge database for the employees.

In conclusion, ERP can boost human resources process as long the company can invest in a good ERP program.

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