ERP Products Outside the Manufacturing Setting

From the ERP derivative which was the Materials Requirement Planning emerged a lot of ERP products to suit different types of businesses. It definitely opened new doors for improvement of how companies did their businesses. E-commerce emerges as a result of the ERP generation. Instead of the traditional way of selling and buying goods, with just a call from a phone or a click of a mouse button we can do both or either. Imagine trying to schedule pickup of a parcel from FedEx or UPS on the internet and printing a Bill of Material on the internet as well. It certainly simplified a lot of mundane daily tasks.

Lets site an example for the Human Resources Department. An ERP system can be designed that does payroll, timekeeping, training and benefits. This can be linked to other products as well like the employee selection process.

Another product is the Customer Relationship Management like Contact Center or Business Process Outsourcing. This is probably one of the more complex products and requires a more sophisticated IT infrastructure and requires a longer period of preparation.

Another ERP product is the Supply Chain Management which includes Order entry and processing, warranty claiming and processing, invoicing and so on. The Supply Chain Management is a very interesting ERP system and may take a lot of planning as well. This can be linked to a different product which is the Manufacturing ERP- the mother of ERP.

Last but not the least is Financial ERP which generally with all financial activities of the company. This includes management of cash and non-cash assets, accounts payable and receivables and general cash ledger.


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