ERP Project: Knowing What It Is and How It Is Managed

ERP is a term that stands for enterprise resource planning. This is an incorporated software solution that is employed to manage the resources of one organization. ERP system works in combining administrative functions and business management that embrace human resources, purchasing, account payable, and finance. With this case, the ERP project is carefully planned and is timed to be completed.

Now, what basically is an ERP project? This is actually viewed as one of the deliberate initiative wherein the revolutionary information technology will be joined together into the business practices. The chief goal of ERP project is to complete and execute every project in more prompt, more outstanding, and more economical way compared to any other organization.

For this reason, employing the ERP system helps certain organization to achieve the infrastructure to restructure as well as to develop and update its business processes. However, several ERP project managers have raised their difficulty in handling this project. According to them, proper ways need to be executed in order to control the risks of ERP project. They need to be careful enough in controlling every crucial stages of the project since it can create an adverse impact on the outcome. 

The following are the seven crucial activities in the ERP project that needs to be carefully managed: embracing the general objectives and goals; identifying the requirements; employing photo-education; tests on business system; practicing sensible cut-over; setting out live and beyond; and evaluating As Is into To Be. Once these activities are properly handled by the manager, the process of the project can be controlled and may increase the value of the activities. 

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