ERP Tutorial: Preparing IT Personnel for ERP Implementation

ERP vendors will normally include an ERP tutorial in their software packages.  These could be actual on-site technical support services of the ERP vendor or companion software that teaches users how to manipulate the tools and functions of the ERP application.  ERP tutorials are very useful for those that will handle the ERP deployment.  It could give them the necessary skills needed for the implementation of ERP to their companys business processes.

There are also online training centers and other third party consultancy groups that can offer ERP tutorials.  However, these centers can only give general information and basic knowledge about ERP concepts and guidelines on how to maximize the benefits of ERP solutions.  Because ERP learning is application specific, the formal tutorial should be focused on the actual ERP deployment of the company.  That is why it would still best to hire a resource consultant that could train the IT staff of the company in using the ERP application.

There are also free ERP tutorials that can be found on the Internet.  The tutorial takes the form of a simulation wherein users will try to configure an imaginary ERP solution and proceed to use the tools available on the site.  This will be a good preparation step for companies that are planning to implement an ERP system.  The simulated ERP system could be used as a familiarization tool for their IT staff and personnel.  In this way, when the company decides to purchase an ERP application, its IT staff would be able to easily grasp the functions and tools of the software.

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