eTOM and ITL

eTOM is a classification for the activities done by the service provider in an organization. When eTOM and ITIL® are described, they are both frameworks of a business process for the service providers. Their difference is that eTOM has a wider approach than ITIL® while ITIL® focuses on the operational part of the lifecycle of the service. ITIL® describes the best practices in a textual way while eTOM uses an engineering approach since it considers engineering services, the management of orders and sales processes of the organization.

Both ITIL® and eTOM frameworks deal with the management of the services and how they are delivered to the customer. ITIL® and eTOM are not in conflict with each other. They are infact mutually supportive, complementary and compatible frameworks. Each of these frameworks has its own strengths which can be used to support and complement the other. The methods that describe how ITIL® and eTOM can work together have already been developed and now demonstrated using sequence of worked samples. Through the use of the method and worked samples, it was identified that the scope of both frameworks overlap in a manner that when they are used together, they can work successfully.

The best practice guidance of ITIL® can be used basically in identifying a policy for Change Management that can be adopted by some organizations by following the descriptive approach of ITIL®. With the use of the eTOM framework, the policy made from ITIL® can be embedded usually within the Enterprise Management of an organization. The standard can act as a corporate policy in handling a particular area in the business and eventually flow over the business with the supporting processes of eTOM inline with the particular policy.


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