European Journal of Information Systems: A European Perspective on Information Systems

The European of Information Systems (EJIS) is The OR (Operational Research) Society’s official publication. The journal focuses on information system, a fact illustrated by its name. Specifically, it aims to make known worldwide the Europeans’ take on the theory and application of information systems. This allows readers comprising an international audience to have an insight Europe’s approach to information systems.

The publisher of the journal is Palgrave Publishers Ltd., an academic publisher focused on worldwide learning not only in higher education, but also in the professional field as well. The EJIS fits perfectly with Palgrave’s vision.

The current Editor in Chief of the EJIS is Richard Baskerville. His two editors are Ray Paul and Hans van der Heijden. Baskerville, a Professor in Georgia State University’s Department of Computer Information Systems, has authored over a hundred articles in scholastic journals, books, and other publications. His research is mainly focused on data integrity in information systems.

Van der Heijden is Division of Management’s Head in University of Surrey. He is also a Professor there, teaching Management Information Systems. Paul is Brunel University’s Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Information Systems. He hasp published over 250 journals in scholarly publications.

These three men’s leadership of the EJIS has paved the way for informative articles published in the said journal. The driving mantra behind EJIS is to impart knowledge to readers that they didn’t know and/or believe before reading the journal. The EJIS aims to be a reliable, informative, and also entertaining source of the latest news and development in information systems in Europe.

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