Evaluation and Licensed VM Serial Numbers—Giving Customers the Freedom to Choose

VMware, Inc., whose parent company is the well-known storage and information management software developer EMC Corporation, is a company that focuses on making virtualization software. The name VMware comes from VM, acronym of the phrase "virtual machine."

Virtualization is all about maximizing resources, and because of this reason, it’s considered a very important concept in the IT industry. With virtualization, several physical resources can be combined to create just one virtual resource. Conversely, a single physical resource can be divided into several virtual resources, also with virtualization. Whatever the need may be, virtualization allows the customization of resources to ensure that everything is used and nothing is wasted.

VMware addresses that need by designing reliable virtualization software that companies can use to manage their IT resources. VMware has a respected reputation in the industry—its products are considered high quality. However, pirated copies of VMware products exist, so clients are warned to be careful not to make purchases from anywhere else but the online VMware store.

To avoid being a victim of pirates, clients are directed to the Serial Number page (http://www.vmware.com/support/serial_number.html) in the official VMware website. A couple of options are usually available for all VMware products—first one is a free 30- or 60-day evaluation serial number good for a trial period, and the second one is a paid licensed serial number. Clients are free to test drive VMware’s products by going for the evaluation serial numbers first before buying the licensed ones. However, for VMware server, licensed serial numbers are given away for free.

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