Event Management Scope

Event Management can be applied to any aspect of Service Management that needs to be controlled and which can be automated. These include:
* CIs – to provide visibility of functioning and failing components, or to understand when other changes have occurred in the infrastructure
* Environmental conditions – such as increases in the temperature of servers and facilities
* Software license monitoring – used to maintain optimum licensing utilization
* Security – to perform security checks and to detect exceptions or intrusions
* Normal activity – such as tracking the activity and performance of an IT service.

It is important to note the difference between monitoring and Event Management. While the two areas are related, Event Management focuses on the generation and detection of notifications about the status of the IT infrastructure and services. Monitoring on the other hand has a broader scope, which will include monitoring CIs that do not generate events or alerts. So when implementing Event Management, consider what monitoring activities and techniques should be interfaced to generate alerts and notifications that will provide value to the IT groups and wider organization.

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