Everything About International Journal of Knowledge Management

The International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM) is a publication that covers all aspects of discipline on knowledge management, from organizational issues to technology support to knowledge representation. The IJKM allows a forum for global aspects of knowledge management and differing cultural perspectives as to the use of knowledge and knowledge management. It also gives attention to cultural and organizational issues as well as technical issues related in the creation and implementation of knowledge management systems. The IJKM invites authors from all regions of the world on submissions of articles that are knowledge management related and that will help in contributing towards improvement of organizational performance.

The main objectives of IJKM are as follows: 1. To capture the latest information relating to all aspects of knowledge management 2. To disseminate the theoretical and practical information of knowledge management 3. To provide a platform in order to gain and exchange knowledge in the discipline

Readers of the IJKMS are those engaged in academics, researchers, scholars, practitioners and managers working in various areas such as engineering, management, consultancy, education, finance, manufacturing, marketing, telecommunication, etc.

The IJKM includes in its publication original, theoretical and empirical papers; case studies; conference reports; management reports; book reviews; notes; commentaries and news. Included topics of interest are those on knowledge creation, acquisition, codification, classification, organization, sharing, transfer, application, protection and retention. Also included are knowledge management related aspects on design and development, management and implementation, measurement of performance and benefits, techniques and methods, technological tools needed, human, organizational, strategic, behavioral, and socio-cultural aspects, public policy ,economics, education policy ,intellectual capital, ethics and other related aspects.

The IJKM keeps you abreast of what is going on in the Knowledge Management world.

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