Ex Falso: A Very Useful Audio Metadata Linux Editor

Metadata is basically a description about an item, resource or content. It could be about a document, a spreadsheet, an audio, an image and many others. Metadata is also very useful in programming applications and systems.

In the case of audio files specifically songs, metadata could contain the name of the performing artist, the composer, the  date of release of the song and also the name of the album from which it was taken from. In the age of MP3 and modern electronic digital players, this information can easily be viewed. Incidentally, most music players and other devices that play audio are run under the Linux operating system.

Anyway, the good news is that there is now a way to tag the songs loaded and saved in players and even in hard disks. One can do this by changing or editing the song metadata. One can also add more information. Through Ex Falso these are all possible. In order to take advantage of this feature, one only has to install the Ex Falso through the add/remove function under the application menu.

Why would one need an audio file metadata editor? Well, the most obvious answer is for better and easier management of audio files.  By adding tags that one created himself one can organize the songs according to his taste.

This is only one way of how metadata in the Linux operating system is used and edited so that it becomes more useful to the end user. In other applications under Linux, metadata also serves its purpose. It can be edited and more information can be added according to the needs of its users.

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