Exam Dates For The CISSP

When it comes to CISSP exams, it is highly recommended that you take it no longer than two to three weeks after you have finished your review course.  The CISSP exam dates vary from country to country.  Regional exams are also given per country.  It should be noted that the eligibility requirements of the CISSP exam are different and separate from the eligibility requirements of the CISSP certification.  While one may take the CISSP exam, he may not be entirely eligible for the CISSP certification due to lack of requirements. 

During the CISSP exam date, the structure will follow 250 multiple choice questions and the candidate must be able to finish the examination within 6 hours.  All exam questions are based on the ten CISSP Common Body of Knowledge or CBK and will include: – Security Management Practices – Business Continuity Planning – Security Architecture & Models – Access Control Systems & Methodology – Cryptography – Operations Security – Physical Security – Applications & Systems Development – Telecommunications, Network & Internet Security – Law, Investigation & Ethics

Once you have chosen your CISSP exam date, you will then need to submit and application form, pay $500, prove that you have been in the information security for four years (or if you have a college degree, three years are enough), complete the candidate agreement form, and have no criminal history.  To be certified, the candidate must have a scaled score of at least 700 points.  The candidate will then be endorsed by another CISSP.

The CISSP is valid for three years and will have to be renewed once it has expired. There are two choices:  One is to get the schedule CISSP exam dates and retake the exam and the other is to gain 120 points of Continuing Professional Education.

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