Examining CDMA Competitive Information MCP Product Applications

CDMA stands for code division multiple access which uses spread-spectrum technology to create communication channel access. CDMA is dependent on assigning a specific code to every communication transmitter. QUALCOMM is considered the pioneer in CDMA technology, with the QUALCOMM CDMA system relying on high-precision time signals that are generally sent to a Global Positioning System receiver within the base station.

QUALCOMM now works with Microsoft via their joint venture company called Wireless Knowledge LLC to create wireless or mobile applications for application providers and corporate clients via specific platforms and services. Microsoft is the company that created and maintains the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) accreditation.

Thus we can say that CDMA competitive information can be used in the MCP training and accreditation program for specific product applications. QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies believes that bandwidth will be on the rise in the future, which will allow wireless CDMA applications to be inclusive of Internet and multimedia services as well.

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (or QCT) is presently the market leader in development and production of hardware, chipsets, and software solutions reliant on CDMA systems. QCT is also a top chipset supplier for the best CDMA infrastructure and handset manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are Toshiba Corp., Samsung Electronics, Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd., Denso Corp., Casio Computer Co., Ltd.; Alps Electric Co., Ltd., and Acer Peripherals Inc.

With the increase of usage of CDMA and heightened rise of the number of CDMA applications, Microsoft may soon have to create a separate accreditation process and standard geared solely for CDMA technologies and systems.

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