Expect the unexpected….


Whilst training this week, one participant recanted a story about his own company’s IT Service Continuity Management


As a large financial organization of 1500+ staff, ITSCM was high on the agenda.  No money was spared to ensure full immediate recovery.  To achieve this a full recovery data centre was located the “regulated” distance from the main data Centre.  


Apparently all was going well… plans in place, regular testing etc.    until one morning when they visited the site, to find that as soon as they opened the door, water started rushing out…. The entire data centre was flooded.  Water was coming through the lighting and falling over the racks.


Reason? – the night before, the floors above had a sprinkler burst, and as well all know, water flows …down… and this particular organization thought it a good “sound and safe” idea to put their recovery data centre in the basement.



Needless to say, there was no ITSCM plan for the ITSCM plan…. And also needles to say – a very expensive lesson…


Moral of story – water flows down, especially through lighting….


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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