Exploring the ITIL community forums

Exploring the ITIL community forums


Unless you’re completely new to the internet, chances are, you’ve participated in a number of forums. Even if you’ve never been interested in posting your own personal thoughts / observations / information on a discussion board, you can (and perhaps should) still use various community forums as a reference tool.

ITIL has a large training constituency and following; as you might expect, there are extensive community forums which cover nearly every ITIL-related topic you can think of. While direct participation is always recommended (since you can often get direct answers for many of your questions and concerns), it is likely that these community forums already contain the information that you are seeking. In fact, the entire introductory / splash page deals primarily with the most frequently asked questions that someone studying ITIL for the first time might have.

The forum itself is divided into two principal areas, ITIL (general) and ITIL disciplines. Most of the topics in the generalized category deal with issues that current ITIL students, hopefuls, or recent graduates might have.

ITIL (general)

  • ITIL discussion
  • ITIL jobs
  • ITIL certification
  • The ITIL open guide
  • ITIL training and ITSM conferences

The latter section, ITIL disciplines, deals with more specific problems that are perhaps much more technical in nature (especially when compared with those in the first section).

The ITIL disciplines

  • The ITIL service desk
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • ITIL service delivery

Additionally, there is a “related issues” section which deals with additional topics which might be indirectly related to ITIL (or not at all). This also includes any topics which might deal with IT infrastructure-based approaches which don’t fall under the heading of ITIL (at all).

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Why The Art of Service, you ask?

The real question we should be asking is, why not theartofservice.com? This organization is a premiere provider of professional development – training and certification. Among the many benefits you will receive by electing to study ITIL with this company are:

Unparalleled course design
It has been said that you cannot truly learn anything unless you have a great teacher at hand. One of the truly great things about the various ITIL certification programs offered by theartofservice.com is the effort that went into designing them. The ITIL 2011 certification package / program in particular is constructed in such a manner as to allow for a much more streamlined learning experience than what might be typically offered by others promoting similar products. As you might expect, all of their courses are also designed by true experts in their field.

Affordability + Portability
E-learning is “fee-free” learning. That is to say, when you elect to take an e-learning program / course in lieu of a traditional on-site collegiate one, you are getting the exact same certification and educational opportunity at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, with e-learning, you don’t have to worry about making any major adjustments to your work schedule. If you’re already working full-time then you aren’t likely to have the energy or concentration required to attend classes in some remote location. The question is, why even try to attend expensive classes physically if you know that your learning experience is going to be negatively impacted as a result of schedule conflicts?

Although it’s questionable as to whether or not you might require the use of the ITIL community forums after you’ve purchased a course from theartofservice.com (given their track record of effectiveness and high number of “first try” passes). Regardless of the quality of your chosen ITIL program, the ITIL community forums are still an excellent source of information for helping you to further assimilate the knowledge contained (and surrounding) ITIL. Many individuals find the ITIL community forums to be an excellent supplementary source of knowledge and often use them to aid in their own ITIL-related decision making processes.

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