Factors in Determining Risk Management Alternatives for Retired Project Sites

If there is a retired project site under consideration, it is important to take certain
factors into consideration when coming up with risk management alternatives: namely, how it
will affect stakeholders; the economic effects of the project; and the technical feasibility
of reusing the retired project site.

Stakeholder Issues

It is important that all stakeholders be consulted when assessing the possible future uses
of a retired project site. Stakeholders can be the owner of the project site, government
regulators, and members of the community. Consultation of different stakeholders can make
decision-making go more smoothly and may even result in lower total costs of implementation
of the chosen remedial action/s.

One reason decision-making goes more smoothly is because disputes usually arise when a
project site is being considered for reuse. It is good if these disputes are ironed out
early in the process so that more important matters can be tackled later on.

Economic Effects

To accurately come up with the estimated economic potential of the reuse of a retired
project site, one may simply use cost-benefit studies. There are many things which may
influence the expense involved in remedial action, such as:

– Project Oversight and Management
– Participation by the Public
– Characterization
– Permitting and Legal Costs
– Assessment and Choice of Alternatives
– Waste Disposal
– Reimbursement for Regulatory Support Provided
– Proper Primary and Derived Waste Disposal
– Establishment of Remediation System
– Remediation System Monitoring, Operation, and Maintenance
– Remediation System Waste Treatment

Technical Feasibility

To compute for the technical feasibility of reusing a retired project site, these are the
factors which should be assessed so that appropriate remedial technology can be selected:

– Features of the project site
– Possible uses by the community and military
– Comparison between the possible risk management alternatives being considered, the
present worth of the site, and remediation expenses involved.

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