Features of CMMI Level 1 Organizations

The lowest rating of CMMI is Level 1.  It is considered as the Initial Level which is closely associated with start-ups that have very informal organization and management systems.  Level 1 CMMI is predicated on the weakness of companies in terms of organization building and management. 

Usually, CMMI Level 1 has very fluid organizations with still no defined structures.  These companies also have zero to very little efforts in creating a methodical processes.  Most often than not, business processes is non-existent and the accomplishment of tasks are normally accomplished by a few champions. 

Although this type of CMMI level can deliver results, stakeholders will be subjected to extreme risks and other management problems.  Because of lack of solid business process organization, the needed time and resources for product and service creation and deliveries could be greater.  This reduces productivity and efficiency at the work flow areas.  Moreover, the quality of deliverables can also be suspect because products are created not based on strict process but because of individual abilities.   Product standards may deviate from the normally accepted quality assurance metrics.

CMMI Level 1 organizations are excluded from the published ratings for CMMI.  Companies must overcome this stage in order to barge into the world of modern corporations with impeccable organizational processes.  With trainings and continued systems development, companies belonging to CMMI Level 1 can graduate to Level 2 category.  Although this task is difficult, it can be made easier with proper motivation and the correct training of managers and personnel.

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