Features of ERP Accounting

As you start your business, your first transaction is to make your initial investment.  This is investment is immediately recorded in the accounting records.  Even as you close your business, your accounting department closes the companys records.  The Accounting Department is considered as one of the most important departments in an organization.  It is the beginning and end-all of all transactions.  They account for everything.  With the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the work of the Accounting department has become easier and manageable.  One of the software modules of the ERP system is the ERP Accounting Package.  The ERP accounting package features the following:

1. General Ledger 2. Accounts Receivable 3. Accounts Payable 4. Order Entry 5. Quotes and Contracts 6. Purchasing 7. Inventory Management 8. Job tracking and Costing 9. Integrated CRM 10. Integrated Shopping Cart 11. Payroll Framework 12. Integrated Help Desk

The ERP accounting package is designed to provide Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual, which should be able to support languages of different countries.  Edit of existing language translations, or, adding own language into the system maybe done. Most ERP accounting software provides for the complete source code, to allow users to update and full distribution rights to the software.  This will also allow the company to modify the package or integrate the package into one single database. Te ERP Accounting generates reports that are access by interested parties.  It allows management to come up with decisions based on the reports generated by the ERP Accounting.  It also allows the accounting or auditing staff to verify any discrepancy as found on reports.  Let those in charge be accountable. Let the ERP accounting package do the check and balance.

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