Features that Set Web 2.0 Blog Different

The greatest hype in the new era of Web 2.0 is blogging. Usually, these personal homepages are just created to account the personal experiences of the owner. And until now, there are still bloggers who do just that. But what makes the new web 2.0 blog different from what it was used to? Of course right now the blog organization is somewhat different with how it is being promoted and being released. And the biggest features that set it apart are the permalinks and the RSS or Real Simple Syndication.

Right now Web 2.0 blog has the RSS technology which allows the readers to subscribe to it so that they would be informed of any update made on the blog. And with the proliferation of the use of RSS, it is now also being used widely for other things like weather and stock quotes. And since this does not only allow a link or a bookmark on the page, this increases the visibility of these blogs once a user subscribed to this RSS.

Additionally, using permalinks is on feature that makes blogging different. This two-way linking process helps to build a great social network. Bloggers can actually create links back to their site by commenting on the other blog. This is the reason why the blogosphere is creating such publicity from different search engines. Blogs has the capability to create a loud echo effect with their two-way linking. Using permalinks and RSS are the characteristics that made Web 2.0 blog bolder in the Internet world.

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