FGDC Metadata Standards to Follow

FGDC or Federal Geographic Data Committee is responsible in promoting the strategic development, sharing, dissemination, and use of the geospatial data nationwide. This can be achieved by the FGDC through its publishing efforts called the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. This is the physical, virtual, and organizational network that was designated to allow sharing and development of the various digital geographic information in the nation. For the FGDC to become effective in its objective, it needs to use metadata record. They do not just have a metadata tool but they have what they call as the FGDC metadata standards.

For FGDC, metadata record pertains to a file or data, commonly in XML document, which records all the basic characteristics of a certain information or data resource. It is also defined as something that represents the when, where, how, and why. The specific metadata type used by the FGDC is called the Geospatial metadata. This special metadata type is used to record the geographical digital resource which is also called as the GIS or Geographic Information System file. Other than that, it also records the earth imagery and the geospatial databases.

There is also the FGDC geospatial metadata record that contains the core elements which include the title, publication information, extent, and database elements like attribute domain values and attribute label definitions.

Whatever FGDC metadata standards may be used, it is always aimed at preserving the data history of the nation. It may also be used in assessing the character and age of the various data holdings so that determining the data that needs to be maintained, deleted, and updated can be done easily. Instilling the data accountability and limiting the data liability should also be promoted using the FGDC metadata standards.

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