Figuring Out Security Training for CCIE

Security training for CCIE is a highly intensive course that is designed to enhance the competencies of the candidates who will be taking the practical lab exam for Security. These security training courses usually last for five high intensive days which will allow them to concretize your existing knowledge, figure out their weaknesses and learn all about different kinds of strategies in test taking. The security training class is usually designed for the candidates who have six months to prepare for the lab exam.

Most training classes do not really cover some introductory material because the candidates themselves are expected to have a minimum level knowledge of CCSP and the corresponding topics that are part and parcel of this topic. For five whole days you will be able to cover different topics from VPN configurations, PIX Firewall configurations, IDS sensor management and so much more. The five day security training runs for twelve hours per class. These courses are delivered by authorized learning partners. The security training classes usually have a maximum of eight students per class, with each student having their own IDS Sensor, VPN 3005 Concentrator, PIX 515 Firewall, two 3550 Switches, ten 2811 Routers and a server for ACS/CA, which are some of the world’s most advanced tools in the Cisco industry.

Furthermore, each student will receive a dedicated instructor who will teach the all about the ins and outs of security training for Cisco to ensure that they know everything there is to know about the entire system.

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