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With the advanced technology, any information on products or services can be marketed over the internet.  A dot com is a domain name system where people can do their business.  The dot com is easy to acquire but to put your products or services so that others would be able to get hold of it or at least inquire about your product requires software to have that work.  Software developers will that work for you.  However, if you are in the business where there is a lot of competition you surely would like to have things done right away to get your business going.  You would need to hire software developers that you can depend on and who has the capability of delivering the software on the time specified.

For software, organization to be CMM certified is for trained SEI team to review the standards in the development of software and determine the level of maturity.  The Level of Maturity that a software developer possesses is your basis in selecting the right software developer for your business.  Ratings or level of maturity is published for customer’s information about the developer.  Software developers use the ratings as their marketing tool to let prospective clients know as to the quality of their software.

There are several websites on CMM commercial that explains what CMM is all about and defines each level of maturity.  At these modern times, getting information about CMM is available virtually at your fingertips.  Many consultants as well have used the CMM com to discussed their ideas about CMM and offer their services over the internet.

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