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WiMax refers to standard technology that allows delivery of wireless broadband services anytime, anywhere.  WiMax technology has been incorporated in notebook computers and PDAs making these equipments WiMax compliant.

Vendors need to be WiMax certified to sell their equipment as WiMax certified.  WiMax equipment requires certification or a stamp approval from WiMax Forum to ensure the level of interoperability and conformance with consumer and government regulations.  Those who have passed the conformance and interoperability test achieve the WiMax Certification.  Vendors of WiMax products display the mark of approval on their equipment as WiMax ready, WiMax compliant or pre-WiMax if not officially certified by WiMax Forum.

Vendors whose products are certified as WiMAX interoperable solutions are able to post their WiMax equipment on websites, that provide adverstisement to various WiMax equipments and solutions.  These WiMax industry leadeing websites provide link to WiMax vendors websites, allowing vistors of the site to obtain more information of the WiMax equipment.

WiMax equipment is designed to serve cellular and radio communications dealers, wireless communications carriers and self-maintained end users of communications systems.   These WiMax equipment manufacturers provide customers with power systems solutions for emergency backup, alternative energy sources, or out-of-grid power requirements.  WiMax equipment for Mobile WiMAX networks provide advanced antenna systems and support adaptive beamforming and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) as this requires indoor customer premise. These will allow for multi-megabit service delivery, increased coverage, and greater indoor penetration.

In today’s world of mobility, WiMax equipment becomes a necessity in dealing with our responsibilities at home or at work.  WiMax equipment allows you to keep updated anywhere and at anytime.  Get a WiMax equipment ready and get yourself connected over the internet.

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