Finding a CMM Group

Companies or organizations with CMM or Capability Maturity Model certifications are quite rare. This little number of organizations is due to the difficulty of acquiring CMM certificates for all the levels of the assessment. But more and more companies are still struggling to pass each level of the CMM evaluation—even though slowly, but surely. With the CMM certification, one will know that a certain group is mature enough or has grown enough to be able to handle the management of software process. This just proves that the group is really reliable in terms of information technology advancement. But since there are only few companies with the complete CMM certification, one will surely find it hard to find any CMM group.

Knowing or joining at least a single CMM group will surely pave the way for more knowledge about the CMM—meaning, more chances of getting higher level certifications. Though one may find it difficult to find CMM groups with real professionals who have got through the five levels of CMM assessment, one can still find some small groups where he can acquire some knowledge about the CMM process. Some groups are non-profit who just want to help each other with the little knowledge they have about CMM. However, some groups are asking for some fees for registration and other expenses. One can just join the CMM group he feels worth to be joining with. But if one will try to search the web on the different CMM group, he will surely end up getting those who run their service with fees.

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