Finding a PMP Question

Finding a PMP question on its nine knowledge areas is relatively easy because there are
many websites and online schools offering PMP certification preparation lessons and kits. 
These online schools help individuals prepare themselves for the PMP certification exam. 
The Project Management Professional PMP certification exam is an exam given by the
Project Management Institute and qualifies an individual as capable of successfully
managing and implementing a project. The PMP certification exam is a difficult exam
and is widely recognized all over the world. 

A quick search on the net on a PMP question sample will give millions of results.  There
are many legal websites that provide a sample PMP question for a candidate to answer. 
This marketing strategy is intended to entice an individual to buy or enroll in their PMP
classes.  A PMP question listed in the website enables an individual to see the benefits of
taking online courses on project management.  It is a well known fact that online courses
are now a trend for busy professionals and businessmen wanting to further their skills and
knowledge on project management.

There are also illegal websites that contain braindumps on various certifications which,
unfortunately, also includes a PMP question or set of questions.  These braindumps are an
illegal source of information because they contain actual PMP exam questions which
have somehow been stolen and published.  A braindump devaluates the essence of getting
a certification because many unqualified individuals are getting their certifications
because of this practice.  Reviewing and studying a PMP question via a braindump will
only make the exam certifications even harder to pass.

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