Finding a Study Guide on PMP Project Management Professional

Having a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate is a good credential for
anyone who wants to further their careers in project management.  Passing the Project
Management Professional exam given by the Project Management Institute qualifies an
individual to be a PMP. The exam is based on the PMP Book of Knowledge (PMPBOK)
also which is PMI’s ANSI standard. Passing the PMP certification exam can be a very
challenging task for any individual and getting a study guide on PMP will certainly help
them in passing the PMP certification exam.

There are several study guides on PMP project management professional.  Some
individuals still prefer the book-style of reviewing for the exam instead of going online to
study or downloading a computer based training material.  This is because a paperback
edition of a PMP project management professional study guide can easily be accessed by
anyone, anytime, anywhere without having to plug the computer and going online.  They
can also forego of bringing along expensive, bulky, and sometimes heavy notebook
computers just to study their lessons.

Getting a PMP project management professional study guide is essential in a candidate’s
review for PMI’s PMP certification exam.  These books are an easier option for many
people because it uses real-world scenarios rather than the traditional study guide offered
by the PMBOK.  With real-world situations, candidates are more likely to understand the
principles and processes of project management.  Most paperback books offer assessment
exams with review questions to test a candidate’s readiness for the actual exam.  A good
book will also have a comprehensive practice exam that mimic the actual PMP and
CAPM certification exam.

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