Finding Network Management Jobs

With companies investing heavily on the IT industry, network management jobs are now
highly in demand.  Investing in information technology is very expensive and most
companies require that people who hold network management jobs to have certifications
that qualify them for their responsibility.  The responsibilities for network manager jobs
include knowledge in all parts and devices of the network such as WAN, LAN, intranet,
internet and other hosted services. It will also include the skills and knowledge required
to secure the network from outside intrusion and other security threats. To be able to get
network management jobs, one must be an expert in managing communication concepts,
TCP/IP, switches/devices, routers, firewalls, hubs and network interface cards. Aside
from this, candidates must be familiar with storage and database management,
configuration, control, and troubleshooting.

In today’s IT industry, companies are looking for network management certified
candidates. Applicants who want to be employed in network management jobs should
consider getting certified because most companies require having passed certifications
like Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Novell, and other network and networking related
certification exams. Network management jobs provide a competitive salary that comes
with great benefits. Some companies even include profit sharing as one of their benefits.

Many companies nowadays are going global and going online.  Getting a certificate in
network management is certainly an advantage.  While a candidate may not be a graduate
of computer engineering or computer science, just having a certification in network
management, whether it comes from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, or others, is certainly
enough credential to qualify the candidate in network management responsibilities.

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