Fixing the Flaws of Web 2.0 CMS

The healthy and large yield of open source content management systems (CMS) is no longer new. Some people claim that there are as high as 500 active projects are suspended in the cyberspace. However, the true numbers of essential projects are actually low. True, the market of open source CMS is healthy that its users are guaranteed with feasible sources. On the contrary, open source Web 2.0 CMS is experiencing the irony—lacking an effective marketing.

The response of the current players to the functionality challenge of Web 2.0 is being relied on to third party developers. They release extension that can be blocked in to supply various pieces. Some systems these days, such as blogging platform WordPress, are more responsive to Web 2.0. However, it is still a draw out to the current player to wrap up the interaction and community-generated content, which is the mark of a precise Web 2.0 implementation.

Of course, extension is just fine. However, a problem can occur from this. The current players can lose the integration in the process, which a proper purpose contribution would bring. It has to be noted that many companies these days are seeking for their Web 2.0 CMS to meet the recent needs of the paradigm. These companies want their tool to be enabled for them to seize the available opportunities. Therefore, any problem that is presently meeting by Web 2.0 CMS needs to be properly addressed, especially when it deals with its foundation and marketing. Similarly, the challenges in facing vendor need to be accurately discussed. 

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