Flickr Mashups: Revealing the Wonders of Wiley’s Aptitude

Flickr Mashups is a book published by Wiley under Wrox imprint. This book was intentionally written to give out supplementary information about the details of recent and changed Flickr features, pointers to remarkable Flickr tools, including the functions and a host of other helpful bits and pieces.

Basically, Flickr Mashups will serve as a practical guide to developing applications including mashups through the use of Flickr API. Its contents are discussing about the various remixes and mashups. Also, this book discusses the different technologies applied in their creation. This why this book is claimed to provide the necessary guidelines needed to come up with a creative variety of mashups. The remizes of the chapters inside also show the step by step process as to how one can turn up a completely working application from a project idea.

Flickr Mashup is viewed by many as a good project for it incorporates substantial contents. Another helpful topic it tackles is the usage of the Flickr API, which is used to host someone’s own gallery. Additionally, this book also discusses the process of producing Greasemonkey and Firefox to significantly modify the Flickr web site as well as the procedure of mixing Flickr data with other data sources and applications. Examples are Google Maps and RRS feeds.      

Therefore, this book is beneficial for a novice programmer aiming to write web functions; or for an experienced developer seeking for an opening to the setting of mashups. When searching for the code used in Flicker Mashups, it can be downloaded from the Wrox web site in a zip file. This features the entire code written in the book. Other information about the book is featured in Flickr related links.     

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