Framework For Success in Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture frameworks are usually used to organize the different levels of the enterprise architecture, putting them into different views that all have different but equally important meanings to the different stakeholders of any company or organization that wishes to incorporate it in their system. These enterprise architecture frameworks also have a standardized setting that can be used for both commercial and defense systems. To serve as a purpose of definition, it can be used to organize the structure of the enterprise architecture in a company. This is especially useful since the discipline of enterprise architecture is quite extensive, to say the least, and because the different enterprises usually have a tendency to be quite large and overwhelmingly complex. Thus, the different models that are said to be associated with such a discipline are also large and complex as well.

In order to manage the scale and the complexity of such a situation, the enterprise architecture framework will define the different but complementary projections of the entire enterprise model. The enterprise architecture frameworks are most commonly applied in different information technology and information systems governance. Any organization that wishes to order some certain models  production may use the enterprise architecture framework as the basis for approval. Additionally, the different stakeholders may also specify a certain number of views which can come out in the documentation reports so that only those most useful to them will be used as points for consideration in order to save time and resources in the decision-making process.

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