Framework Strategy: Devising a New Approach to IT Deployment

Compared to past object oriented IT implementations, framework models are totally different and can provide more technology leverage for the enterprise.  However, this improvement also entails a new approach in IT deployments.  Specifically, companies must devise new strategies that will work for new framework implementation. 

In the past, an object oriented IT deployment only analyzes a single business process problem.  With the framework model, analysis involves the entire enterprise domain to solve multiple business process issues.  The new framework strategy therefore must be all encompassing because this kind of technology can be utilized by different sets of applications that are needed by the enterprise. 

Another important point for making a framework strategy is its ability to instantaneously create multiple user interfaces from a single hot spot executable application.  This is radically different from traditional object oriented development where applications are created for execution only.  In framework development model, applications can use several source codes for multi layer deployment.  Thus planning must include the creation of executable generators connected to a hot spot so that the framework model will work flawlessly.  There would be a new set of protocols needed to be implemented but this added layer will be able to multiply the benefits of the new technology. 

As a new technology, framework development is a promising application for most modern IT environments.  It can induce IT efficiency and improve productivity of the enterprise’s technology architecture.  However there are issues that need to be addressed by companies when they implement this type of technology application.  Such issues must be considered in crafting the IT strategy and planners need to institute adequate measures to minimize the risk associated with new technology applications.

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