Free Configuration Management Tools Available on the Internet

In these times when almost everything has to be purchased, there are still some configuration management software tools that can be availed for free on the internet. Though these are not really meant for some projects due to limited or lack of support from the developer, these tools are still the most practical way in carrying out configuration management solutions.

Listed below are some configuration management tools that can be downloaded online for free:

(1) Briefcase Toolkit 3
 – used to manage revisions of system component all throughout software development, release and maintenance life cycles. It runs only on most UNIX and Linux systems. For more information about this free product, please visit the site:

(2) BCS
 – stands for Baseline Configuration System, this tool runs on UNIX only. Its primary function is to maintain a stable framework that is controlled under SCCS or RCS and several staging areas that acts as baseline mirrors. Though it is no longer being maintained or enhanced further, you can still send an email to the author at for more information.

(3) PRCS – also referred to as Project Revision Control System is the forefront  to a tool set that deals with a set of directories and files as an entity, at the same time maintaining the coherent versions of the whole set. It is released under the public license of GNU and can still be downloaded at:

(4) RCS
 – means Revision Version System, this tool is still being maintained by Purdue and is available on GNU distributions. To learn more about this product, please visit the site: or send an email to

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