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Information Technology proponents have pushed its development to a sprint, to the point that all the other related support systems have to keep abreast with the changes. With this in mind, configuration management tool manufacturers have kept up with the trend due to the pressing need for their product. Tools now do not merely manage codes – they can also manage the development of any object in the life cycle in the system.  It supports parallel (as well as incremental) development and has expanded their functionality, from the control and management of objects to the control and management processes per se.

There is an ideal tool for every configuration management. However, it is important to assess the functionality of the tool if it can support the key activities of the software. These four key activities are: configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audit. Identify these four key activities and you will have the clear picture of the best configuration management tool whose functionality will support the lifecycle of the software.

Development and improvement is inevitable – that is why change is always present in life. Technically, this also applies so, with Software Configuration Management (SCM), it is necessary to have a thorough analysis undertaken before you can implement anything.  In choosing a configuration management tool, it is imperative to consider a seasoned and experienced evaluator. Your evaluator could either make or break your SCM. Configuration management tool providers sometimes deceive by offering a package that has a short lifespan so that users become confused as to what to do. Simply asking for a product demonstration is not a sound basis of purchase. The provider must allow the test run or use of the product for a reasonable length of time to allow the thorough analysis of the compatibility of the tool with the software. This would give the evaluator the best edge in efficient decision making – and the company the best configuration management tool.


There are some tools for Configuration Management that can be downloaded for free. These tools can help managers to control the configuration of an organization without the hassle since they can be downloaded free of charge. Some of them are trial packs but are very much as effective as those software tools that are purchased. There are also different features of the free software tool. Some of them are made depending on the different needs of an organization. Just go over the thousands of sites for Configuration Management.

One example of a tool for configuration management that can be downloaded free is a tool for network configuration management offered in the site These are tools that are made to manage the configuration of a network so as to monitor and diagnose the network of an organization. All that the manager needs to do is to configure only once any of the different profiles in the network and then select a particular configuration and then thats it. The Internet Protocol manager will immediately switch to the chosen configuration. There are other services provided by this tool. It recovers passwords that are forgotten and hidden in an asterisk. It works both for the dialog boxes of the password and on web pages.

The sample free software tool mentioned above is just one of the thousands of free software tools for Configuration Management. The services and the applications it offers are also done by some if not all the other free software tools. 

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