Free ERP Software: Providing a Cost-effective Business Solution for Start-up Companies

Companies can take advantage of free ERP software developed by a dozen or so open source groups and communities.  The free ERP software is distributed with its source codes and it means that users do not need a license utilize the software.  Free ERP is very ideal for start-up companies that want to integrate their different business processes and operations into a single applications system.

The functions and tools of free ERP applications are sometimes comparable to commercial ERP products.  The free applications have easy interfaces and modules which could be very handy for companies that are just beginning to implement the ERP system.  The software is also fully customizable to better suit needs and requirements of different companies.  As with other software, companies could expect bugs and glitches with the application but these could be easily addressed by a knowledgeable IT staff.  Companies can also access the community forum of the software developers to get the latest patches, fixes, and upgrades.  They can also get important technical support and information through the community forums of free ERP software.

A simple Internet search for free ERP software would hit the websites of the developers.  The free software can be downloaded from these sites and can be implemented immediately.  Free ERP is a good cost saving measure for companies that need an effective business tool for their daily operation.  They can download a copy of the free software and proceed to integrate their business processes and data systems.  They can join the community forums to get some technical help and share their experience in using the free ERP software.

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