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Last blog, I “vented” my frustrations toward our beloved suppliers.  Today I thought I will cast my line in the great lakes of our users…(with love of course)


So if I had my way….

  1. Firstly – users will know how to use a computer…couldn’t resist that one
  2. Users would appreciate the hard work that Techies do, and leave bottles of beer at Christmas next to their pc’s….
  3. Users will understand basic pc language so you don’t have to listen to them tell you about the thingy in the whosit that has something broken….
  4. There will always be room under the workstation so we can easily access the desktop/ports, WITHOUT  having to fight our way through a myriad of shoes/bags/or early birthday presents
  5. Users will appreciate that there MAY just be something more important than their small incident (like the entire network going down)
  6. Finally – users will ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS ring service desk for support…. And only for serious incident related issues, and NOT call their favourite IT support person….


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



The effective way of getting the feel of the real test is to do the practice test. The cliché practice makes perfect definitely works in this context since a greater part of the probability that you will pass the test will come from the familiarity you have and the idea you have on what the real test would be.

Tutorials are even offered for free online wherein you can choose from the long list of categories on where you want to excel and be proficient. Some of the free tutorials are: internet web design, graphics and page layout, multimedia and video, operating systems, programming, database, and music and audio which can serve as the foundations in becoming a certified support technician, database administrator and other IT positions.

If your MCDST test will be your first ever test then you need to prepare yourself intensively by taking as many practice exams as possible. This is absolutely necessary to assure your slot on the list of would-be certified professionals.

Nothing is at stake when you just sign up to avail of the free access to the practice exams and questions. So expose yourself to trial examinations because it can also help you determine how you will perform in the real test. Free MCDST practice tests include 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional, 70-270 Windows XP Professional, and 70-215 Windows 2000 Server.

The free MCDST practice tests come with free computer magazine subscriptions which can provide you with loads of information that you need in taking the MCDST exams.

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