Free Tutorials for candidates of SCJP exam

The knowledge you gained from reading and experiences in the java programming, are not enough assurance that you will pass the SCJP exam.  Programming is more on coding. SCJP 1.4 version is more on programming codes and thus, one should keep on practicing the code applications. 

The Sun Certified Java Programmer certification program provides free tutorials for those who are who wish to take the exam and get certified.  The tutorials serve as update of the knowledge in java language programming using both syntactic and semantic measurements.  The free tutorial offers short notes of all the small details on java programming.

Tutorials are practical guides for programmers using Java programming language on how to create applications.  Most tutorial books include hundreds of working examples and lessons.
 Lessons are organized by trail.

Free tutorials are provided and cover the following areas: 1.  An introduction to Java technology and lessons on the
     installation of Java development software. 2.  Lessons on the concepts and features of the Java Programming
     Language. 3.  Lessons on exceptions, basic input/output, concurrency,
     regular expressions, and the platform environment. 4.  Lessons on using and extending the Java Collections
     Framework. 5.  Introduction of the Swing GUI toolkit, features and
     components 6.  Deployment of applications and applets using JAR files,
     Java Web Start and Java Plug-in. 7.  Preparation for Preparation for Java Programming
     Language Certification

Practice makes things perfect.  Besides, it is best to put your knowledge into practice rather than let it stuck in your brain.  The free tutorial is set for those who are determined not just to pass the SCJP exam but to get higher scores in SCJP.  Make a difference.

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