Free Virtualization Software: The Cheapest Way to Do It

Virtualization is essentially the abstraction of computer resources. It’s a means of actually hiding the technical details of how such resources like the hardware, operating systems, applications and the end users interact with one another. It could mean making one seem like multiple resources or it could also mean making multiple resources seem like a single resource like in the case of multiple storage devices or servers.

The trend today though is more for creating a virtual system from a single resource commonly known as platform virtualization. It involves a host software, a guest software and a hardware platform. The host software has quite an important role to play in this process. It is the software that actually creates the virtual system under the given hardware environment. The guest software, of course, is the operating software or the application run on the virtual system as if it was running under a real or logical hardware.

Fortunately, virtualization can now be done by many people since free virtualization software is available in the internet. People who know how to run a virtualization don’t need to buy virtualization software anymore. All they have to do is find one free virtualization software and download it. Like most software, open source virtualization software is also available for everybody to take advantage of.  Since it’s a free software license, the source code is available for everyone to use. Again, it’s free so virtually anyone can get it and can do a virtualization anytime they want to.

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