Functions of a Project Manager or Director in Project

In the implementation of a project a project manager
or director should ensure that end results are realized
at the end of project life.

A project manager or director is a profession in the
field of project management.  Managers/directors
have the responsibility in the planning and execution
of any project.  Typical project managers are those
in the construction industry, architecture or software
development.  Some are in the field of production,
design and service industries.  The only task that a
project manager is required to perform is to see to it
that the project would be successful and at same time
minimizing risk throughout the life of the project. 
Minimizing risks can be done through various methods,
 both formal and informal.  It is the role of a project
manager to ask detailed questions, find out unstated
assumptions, and resolve interpersonal conflicts.  It is also
 required that systematic management skills are applied.

Risk is one factor that affects the performance of project
management.  Risk are prevented if a successful project
manager or director would adapt the policy of open
communication.  The project manager or director should
make sure that each member of the team would be given
an opportunity to express concerns and recommendations. 
The project manager should not only be concerned on the
 technical skills of it’s team but should also look into the
critical roles and chemistry that each participants in the
team in terms of interaction. 

The project manager/director makes the decision and
 must be taken by members in the team as a decision that
has to be made for the benefit of the project.


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