Gain Better Control of your Business through Enterprise Architecture Process

Enterprise architecture is probably one of the most ‘misunderstood’ processes in the business industry. Some people automatically assume that enterprise architecture refers to Information Technology systems. Although this is partially true, the term actually extends to the aspect of business processes, personnel, future goals as well as its current state.

Just like any other aspect of a company’s operations, enterprise architecture is made up of specific processes. To have a deeper understanding of the term enterprise architecture, here is a quick look at the steps involved. First, the scope of the business is clearly defined. Next, the key stakeholders are identified so that there will be no confusion about the role of each individual involved in the upper management level. The next series of steps include understanding the requirements of the business process, creating the enterprise architecture process itself, relaying what the outcome of the enterprise architecture is, and evaluating the end product. Finally, the steps would be implemented, quality control will be applied and maintenance of the enterprise architecture process will be conducted.

All in all, the enterprise architecture process helps define what the business organization is, while pointing to where the company will be heading next. Much like making a predefined set of plans on where you see yourself five years from now   enterprise architecture process is a way to better control where the business is going in the coming years. Naturally, your goal is to make the company grow, profit and expand and these set of steps will help you reach these goals.

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