Gaining Access to Free CCNA Labs

If you are into IT, then you probably know already that CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Networking Associate. And since you are an intelligent member of the IT profession, you know from experience that the best teacher is, well, experience. And that is where the value of CCNA labs comes in – it allows people training in CCNA knowledge and skills to get priceless hands-on awareness of how the CCNA systems work.

But how do you find free CCNA labs? This is where your social networking skills come into play – meaning, if you know of any upperclassmen who have passed the CCNA accreditation and are working on the higher levels of Cisco Certification, you can ask them if they have mock labs set up in their homes or somewhere private (like a rented office.)

Upperclassmen would probably have these mock CCNA labs (or maybe know of someone who has one) because the higher levels of the Cisco Certification system require a laboratory exam aside from the written exam.

Free CCNA labs are created by these soon-to-be experts in the Cisco networking world using Cisco equipment purchased cheap or second-hand, or perhaps handed down to them by others who have gone before on this same career path.

If you have tried your best and no one seems to have such free CCNA labs assembled at the moment, why not go online and look for Cisco simulations that you can partake in for a fee? Yes, they are not the free CCNA labs you may have preferred, but in a tight situation even a paid-for service is better than nothing.

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