General Questions on PMP Certification Exam

In passing the Project Management Professional certification, it is essential to have the
necessary preparation. PMP certification exam is actually considered as one of the most
difficult certification test. To qualify for the test, there are some tips that will help
professionals in answering the test questions correctly. Check these lists for general tips:

1. In answering the certification exam question, candidates need to memorize all the
necessary formulas such as PERT and Earned Value.
2. This is not a “right minus wrong” type of exam, it is suggested not to leave any
test question vacant.
3. To make it safe, each question should be answered based on what PMBOK guide
says. Candidates are taking a long shot if they base it on their own experiences.
4. Professionals sometimes encounter questions that they don’t even know the
answer. In this case, educated guessing is a wise step. This exam has a time limit.
Examinees have approximately 80 seconds to finish each test question.
5. If questions are difficult, try to go back later and answer it. In this way examinees
will have more time to finish the test.
6. In multiple choice, candidates should put only one answer for every question. In
this case, just choose the most relevant statement in the given choices.

The PMP certification exam requires sufficient preparation to be able to qualify for the
PMP certification. To do that, professionals and project managers should take PMP
practice exam to aid them with the right skills and prepare for the demanding job of
project management.

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