General Tips In Taking An ITIL Exam

Individuals and organizations that have ITIL® Certifications will surely have an edge when it comes to best practice approaches in IT operations.  But in order to get an ITIL® Certification, you still need to take an exam ITIL® foundation, practitioner and service manager.

Getting certified in all three components of ITIL® is no easy matter.  So you should choose a school with a good reputation and passing statistics on ITIL® exams.  In getting your exams, a few practical tips should be followed.

First, get your terminologies right!  You ITIL® exam, especially the foundation certificate, will contain numerous terminologies on the subject.  Use it frequently and use it correctly.

Some questions will definitely require you to write an essay about ITIL®.  So read the questions carefully twice to make sure that you understand it.  Then answer it clearly, completely, concisely and directly.  Do not babble on and on about ITIL® subjects that are not even relevant to the question.  Remember that examiners mark you on your correct answers and not on how long your essay is.

Since all topics, processes, methods and techniques will be covered in the ITIL® exam, make sure that you have reviewed the following: benefits, advantages, limitations, disadvantages, terminologies, history and application.

As a general rule in any exam that you take, do not linger on a particular question longer than a couple of minutes.  If you think that a particular ITIL® exam question is difficult to answer, skip it and come back to it later.  Your target is to answer confidently (not necessarily correctly) at least 75% of the ITIL® exam.

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