Getting an Open Source to Help Companies in Network Management

To get access on network management products, companies must pay for high fees, wait
for long deployment cycles, have numerous integration processes and consider
customization that consumes a lot of time. For huge companies, options vary from
putting together small solutions that targets small business or get an expensive
technology that can drain the company’s resources.
To solve this dilemma, businesses can use open source that includes professional
services, support and deployment. With less money to spend on costly solutions,
companies can now allocate their funds to other important projects. Although open
source is not totally free, organizations can download the core software for free and pay
for other additional vendor upgrades and services.
Getting a six figure fee for network management services can cost a lot including agent
fees in network device. Other open source provides cheaper fees that range from annual
licensing fees of $16,000 with unlimited network devices. Others only charge $1,000 for
their 15 day installation assistance.
Open source software in network management has progressed in different parts of
network enterprise. This provides IT companies in having functional IT management
tools that can beat other commercial products in the market. Open sources provides better
solutions, exceeding the standard management features and gives broad solutions to

This will also help in customizing management platform that fits the organization’s
customized application. IT companies must look for ways that will help them save time,
money and resources in solutions. Open source will greatly aid them in network
management in the managing, maintaining and deploying network systems faster and

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