Getting Customer Focus via a Customer Centric Worldview

It is actually quite easy to get customer focus so that you wind up having a Customer Centric worldview as a sales person  just simply buy what your employer is selling to the other customers.

This is a tactic used by Philippine life insurance companies  they ask their new recruits as life insurance agents to purchase at least one policy from their company. This allows the new agents to find out whether they really believe in the life insurance products they will be selling for the company. The best sales agent you can get is one who truly believes in what he is selling to the public, and anyone who is happy selling such a product serves as a prime example of someone with a Customer Centric worldview because inevitably he will want to let real customers know how the product or service has helped him.

Philippine life insurance companies know this quite well so they make it a point to inform their sales agents about all the ins and outs of each policy. This makes each sales person a fan of the policies which are being sold and allows them to see how a customer would be attracted to buy a policy for themselves. During a sales pitch to a prospect (potential customer), the sales person can then tell the customer: I believe so much in this product, I bought one for myself, here look at my own policy. In a business where testimonials seem to count for so much, the sales agent can always testify to the value of the product using himself (the-sales-agent-customer) as proof. Basically, with this approach, the sales agent can say: this system works because it worked for me, and that is why I stay. It is now up to the customer whether to believe the life insurance agent or not.

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